2014 Regrades

Congratulation to the following members who were regrade following their performances at the 2014 GOSEN City of Brisbane Badminton Championships. These regrades apply to all future tournaments as per the QBA Calendar:

Donald Han to C Grade
Isabel Aniceto to B Grade
Bevin Choy to B Grade
Yap Shan Jiun to B Grade
Jamie Ma to B Grade
Marvis Lee Ming to B Grade
Wilson Wong to B Grade
Lynn Duong to A Grade

2012 Regrades

Congratulations to the following players on their recent regrades. These gradings are immediate and apply from 11/3/2012

A Grade
Nuan Hwey (Amy) Hung
Andrea Lee
Wenx Hansen
Subhash Aroliveetitl
Arthur Lee
Keith Chew
Derry Wong

B Grade
Ying Nu Lim
Felicia Goh
Fok Lok Chin
Robby Christianto
Kevin Gan
Matthew Huang
Clive Law
Albert Lison
Ali Noerrdin
Kevin Ng
Thibaut Zeestraten

C Grade
Claire Chen
Michelle Lauf
Yen-Yiu (Yo Yo) Liu
Amelia Luu
Anne Yeap
Meng (Linda) Hua Wu
Shafan Abu Bakar
Rohit Chitre
Tony Chou
Jie Yang Chong
Ameet Suhas Dabadghar
Suresh Daniel
Jimmy Hsiao
Glenn Ho
Hui Jin Lim
Jamie Ma
Krishnan Menon
Benjamin Mok
Dinesh Nair
Christopher Ooi
Mohammad Hizan Rusmi
Nick Stathis
Keith Tong
Luke Vasanthakumar

D Grade
Cindy Chiang
Bee Chew
Jenny Lam
Kim Phan
Hannah Zhao
Greta Mittelheuser
Kimberley Huang
Sophie Lim
Jefrrey Tan
Sherman Lee
Michael Song

2011 Regrdes
Congratulations to the following players who achieved regradings following the City of Brisbane Badminton Championships.
Simon Leung to A Grade
Ian Ng to B Grade
Damien Blaga to C Grade
Kelly Liu to Open Grade
Chiaju Hsieg (CJ) to Open Grade
Nyet Yun Yong (Ying) to B grade
Vincent Chia to B Grade
Yati Praygo - confirmed as A Grade
Ronan Hanley - confirmed as A Grade
Bhaven Kasivajjula confirmed as B Grade
Congratulations to these players on their improvement.
A full list of player grades can be found in the member information section

2010 Regrades - effective 1 August 2010

It is with great pleasure that I can announce the following regrades

Eddie Ng - B Grade
Soo Cheung Phang - B Grade
Jeremy Chiu - B Grade
Emily Chang - B Grade
How Mei Low - B Grade
Sunny Chan - B Grade (confirmation)
Antony Shelly - B Grade (confirmation)
Lea ZeeStraten - C Grade (confirmation)
Thibaut ZeeStraten - C Grade
Ishan Sembapperuma - Open

These regrades take effect immediately and will be used for the upcoming Queensland Open

Gold Coast Open Regrades

The following players were regraded at the Gold Coast Championships event held on the 20th and 21st June 2009. Please ensure that when you enter into future tournaments you enter in these grades or higher.

Craig Cassidy – to Open Grade
Jeremy Cross  - to A Grade
Kyle Cheng – to A Grade
Akishige Suganuma – to A Grade
Suling Yong – to B Grade
William Boo– to B Grade
Vincent Boo – to B Grade
Brendan Cross – to B Grade
Daniel Li - to C Grade
Sunnie Chan - to C Grade
Robin Hermanwan – to C Grade

Congratulations on your regrades.

Brisbane Open Regrades

A number of re-grades were completed at the recent 2009 City of Brisbane Championships. The regrades were based on tournament performances throughout 2009. The re-grades are effective immediately.

 Justin Chow – A Grade

Nirmani Abeywardana – B Grade

Rachel Pang – C Grade

Georgie Davey – C Grade

Julian Lam–C Grade

Congratulations to all these players on this achievement. It is a reward for your hard work and achievement in competition throughout the year.

Brisbane Doubles Regrades

Congratulations to the following players were regraded at the Brisbane Doubles event held on the 15th March 2009. Please ensure that when you enter into future tournaments you enter in these grades or higher.

Clinton Wang – to B Grade
Simon Leung  - to B Grade
Janet Yuen – to B Grade
Leona Chun – to A Grade
Rainbow Ngai – to Open Grade
Jobett Herell Tio Co– to Open Grade
James Hutton – to A Grade
Dylan Tibbo – to Open Grade

Congratulations on your regrades

Grading List

The Queensland Badminton Association together with its affiliate Association has gone through a process to reviewing the grades of all players. The complete list of all players grades is availabe by clicking here

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